In-Home Flu Vaccine Program

Getting a flu vaccine
With the protection of our patients and caregivers as our highest priority, Always Compassionate Home Care has launched an in-home service where our clinical infusion nurses can provide the flu vaccine in patient’s homes.

While the elderly and medically fragile are cautioned to stay home in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Always Compassionates’ mission to keep our patients safe in their homes has never been more important. As we move to the fall months ahead, we are greatly concerned that this flu season has the potential to become exaggerated by the confluence of influenza, the Coronavirus and the common cold. Without home care and the recommended precautions, our clients risk infection and hospitalization, necessitating visits to physicians’ offices and hospitals with already strained resources and increased risk of contracting other infections.

Always Compassionate is able to provide these critical public health services by combining its unique clinical team and forward-thinking approach to home care in New York. This approach combines the capabilities of an associated pharmacy that has procured the vaccine and partners with Always Compassionate’ s clinical care division and personal care division, which include clinical infusion nurses and personal care aides.

This in-home clinical service will be enhanced later this fall as we expand our service to include the ability to perform rapid Covid-19 testing and rapid Flu A&B testing. When available, we will seek to administer the Coronavirus vaccine in the home as well. Administering the Coronavirus vaccine in the home is contingent upon its approval by the FDA, its release to the public, and publication of appropriate NYSDOH regulations.

Always Compassionate Home Care is expanding its footprint in New York through ongoing consolidation efforts to allow the company to offer a growing amount of cutting-edge and high-quality community-based homecare services to New Yorkers. The company’s technological aptitude will enhance each patient’s quality of life through actionable analytics, quality metrics development and an efficient platform for the delivery of care. This platform is operating on a state of the artfully digitalized information system, made capable by a multi-million dollar investment.


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